Why this blog?

Technorati reported last summer that there were then 112 million blogs on the web. Surely we need one more, huh? Enough friends and strangers have asked when my biography of David Levi Kokernot will be available (bless ’em) that I hope this blog will help maintain their interest long enough to buy one when it’s available. I’m also counting on my public exposure of my progress to temper my procrastination a little, thus improving that progress.

Still, I’m proud of my procrastination creativity, so I plan detail a few from time to time.

One of my favorite procrastinations is research. Not the serious, go-to-the-archives kind, but frivolous research. I easily spent twenty minutes trying to find a better number for the worlds’ blogs to use in the opening sentence of this blog. That’s frivolous. But I have learned a heck of a lot about historical research in my work on this biography, and I want to share some techniques and locations. I have more to learn, too. Please share yours with me, frivolous or otherwise.

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