“Schooner Flash, Captain Falwell”

When David Kokernot first moved his family to Texas from New Orleans in 1831 it was “a very pleasant trip” aboard the “Schooner Flash, Captain Falwell,” he later wrote. That fact has been repeated so often that I was a little surprised to find that the Flash was not built until four years later. I wrote this off as simply another of Kokernot’s many errors of fact. This one was clearly an honest mistake, not self-promoting like many of his errors. The Flash, I learned, had a busy and important fifteen month’s life and David had probably spent time on its deck during the Texas Revolution. The Flash hauled Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar to Texas. It hauled the Twin Sisters canons to Houston’s army. So, naturally, I had to blow off a couple of weeks writing all I could learn about the schooner. The East Texas Historical Journal published the story early this year. I’ve placed the first page here. Subscriptions or single copies are available from the East Texas Historical Association, or at a good university library.

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