They’re baaack (ospreys, that is)


Osprey Nest in Sandpoint, Idaho

Osprey Nest in Sandpoint, Idaho

I’ve written before about the annual return of the honest fishermen, ospreys, from their winter homes. They’re trickling back into town now and one couple has just received a shock. Their home is gone. Osprey pairs reuse the same nest year after year and multiple generations have used one nest snuggled among the lights illuminating our baseball field. Well, the lights and the pole needed replacement. We waited until the occupants departed for Latin America last fall, tore down their old home, and erected a new standard with new lights.

There was no saving the old nest, but our utility company has faced this before and knew what to do. Ospreys always nest atop the tallest tree or pole that will support their nest. A view of their cafeteria—the lake—is a plus. Avista placed this platform above the lights and seeded it with a couple dozen sticks. Our community website knew what to do, too. They installed a webcam.

So far, no construction has begun. One pair has stopped by often for an inspection, but they’ve brought nary a stick. There is no telling if they are last year’s residents or preemptive squatters but, either way, if they decide to move in we’ll all have a voyeur’s view of a birdie bedroom.

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