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“This is a richly detailed, atmospheric, and accomplished work on a misunderstood man of questionable integrity who went on to found a financial and ranching dynasty in Texas. Author Alan Barber has devoted a lifetime of research and travel to re-create David Kokernot’s extraordinary life and times in this superbly written volume.”

-David Marion Wilkinson, author of Not Between Brothers and One Ranger


“Alan has written with focus and clarity to picture this man as he actually was.”

–Robert Hutson Kokernot, DVM, MD, PhD


“Alan Barber, a remarkable researcher, has accomplished a great miracle with this book, taking the disparate records and miscellaneous documents from David Levi Kokernot’s time and breathing life into these bare elements. Building on the sound findings of the late Kent Gardien, Barber brings his own meticulous research and modern technologies into the process of rescuing Kokernot from the murky mists of Texas history. The end result is a well-written, interesting narrative that vividly captures the man and the times in which he lived.”

–Kevin Ladd, author of Chambers County: A Pictorial History